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French Bulldog puppies often suffer from breathing problems due to their short muzzles and, as such, you should let them take the lead on the level of exercise while out and about. They should be well trained before you let them off the lead, our guide on recall training and other puppy training tips can help to ensure they’re kept safe. Let them saunter round the garden, take them on a short walk and provide bursts of play throughout the day – most will happily chase a ball and try to keep up with kids’ games – but it’s best to take a break if your dog is panting or out of breath. Their short muzzles make it difficult for them to cool themselves by panting, so keep them indoors on very hot days to prevent overheating.

While naturally fun-loving and easy-going, this breed can also be a little will full, which makes training a French Bulldog puppy very important. Food can be a handy motivator during the early phases but try not to make treats the norm to prevent obesity.

French Bulldogs do have certain health issues that owners can help avoid with proper care. For one, they have fairly minimal exercise needs, but do require at least daily short walks. Since French bulldogs fall into the dog category of a so-called “flat faced dog”, strenuous exercise that results in heavy breathing specifically in hot temperatures should be avoided. While French bulldogs are at risk for obesity which can cause deeper health issues, weight gain can be avoided if they are taken on daily walks, weighed daily, and avoiding overfeeding and foods high in fat. Exercise is an effective way to keep French bulldogs healthy but it is imperative and recommended that French bulldogs should not be allowed near bodies of water as they are not capable of swimming due to their bodily structure being so heavy towards their front.

Grooming for a French bulldog is fairly easy and requires some brushing as French bulldogs have a short, fine and silky coat. However, as a French bulldog has many wrinkles in the face, it is advised that one should clean between the wrinkles and keep them dry. As most dogs, French bulldogs will need the occasional bath but a brushing should suffice most of the time in order to have hair oils distributed evenly through the coat to maintain a natural shine.

The AKC recommends that French bulldogs have health evaluation tests on hip dysplasia, a patellar evaluation, and ophthalmologist evaluation, and a cardiac exam as French bulldogs can have health problems in these areas.

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Age: 10 weeks

Sex: Male

weight: 11lbs

AKC Registered: Yes

Potty Trained, Registration Papers, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Healthguarantee, Pedigree, Travelcrate.  


Age: 12 weeks

Sex: Famale

weight: 12lbs

AKC Registered: Yes

Potty Trained, Registration Papers, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee, Pedigree, Travel crate.


Age: 11 weeks

Sex: Male

weight: 12lbs

AKC Registered: Yes

Potty Trained, Registration Papers, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee, Pedigree, Travel crate.

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We are a small family-owned operated kennel that offers healthy. And, adorable French Bulldog Puppies for sale and championship French Bulldog stud pet services. Our prime mission is to breed jovial and cute French Bulldog puppies for your homes, French bulldog for sale. Currently, we have been into the Bulldog breed for many years now, we are a trust-filled family for pets adoption. Probably, our available French bulldog puppies for sale we are always concerned with the health, conformation, and temperament of all of our French Bulldogs Puppies. We take pride in the fact that our French Bulldogs Puppies come from the best family that can raise puppies with love French bulldogs.

french bulldog

French Bulldog are a medium-sized breed, and due to their smaller size, they are often considered over their counterpart, the English Bulldog. They adapt well for apartment or condo living. They are known for being a companion dog in the United States. French Bulldogs are caring and get along well with children. French Bulldogs are easy to groom, and they do shed. They are an easy to train breed. They are a playful breed with a moderate level of energy. We fell in love with French Bulldogs during our first play session!

The French Bulldog originated in Paris, France. They have big erect ears, referred to as bat ears, that frame their round faces. French Bulldog puppies have short, smooth coats, which come in a variety of colors. French Bulldogs enjoy being active with their owners. They love their daily walks. French Bulldogs can be wee-wee pad trained for the duration of their lives. French Bulldog puppies are happy, active breed that is a great family dog.

The French Bulldog makes a great companion dog. They are small, easy to handle, and good with people and other pets. The French Bulldog adores people and craves attention and companionship. They do not require much exercise and fit in well with families of all sizes and ages. They are a brilliant breed and adapt well to their environment and training. The French Bulldog generally weighs about 20-30 pounds. French Bulldogs are cute and are so entertaining you can’t help but smile.

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“Lila is wonderful. She is such a joy and a real chunky monkey. We have nicknamed her ‘chunkalicious’ all thank to the cutefrenchbulldogz.

Jessica williams

Los angelos

“Stanley will be three years old in January and is just the greatest joy. So glad we got him from you guys. Don’t let the big beard fool you.That man is obsessed with his Frenchie.

John ortiz

North carolina

“Thank you so much for our sweet boy. We named him Dobby (like from harry potter) and he is incredibly sweet and cuddly and loves everyone!!”

eve & danny


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