Best French Bulldog Websites For Owners (2023)

The French Bulldog is a very affectionate, intelligent and playful dog. She is a very good city and a family dog.

  • A pair of bat ears, a short tail, a short muzzle and a broad, square head characterize the dog, which can be up to 35 cm high and weigh a maximum of 14 kg.
  • The massive head has a skull flat between the ears, a domed forehead and a well-defined stop. The frontal furrow extends to eye level. The scalp is loose, soft, and has symmetrical folds.
  • The muzzle is short and well laid back with a very short bridge of the nose, strongly developed cheek muscles and black, thick lips, the upper lips of which probably cover the lower lips but must not extend beyond the lower jaw.
  • The teeth and tongue are never visible. The lower jaw is very broad and strong and protrudes beyond the upper jaw, so the dog is a biter.
  • The wide-open nostrils are markedly separated. Note the large distance between the eyes and the base of the ears, which are at the same level as the bridge of the nose.
  • Bat ears are elongated, wide at the bottom, and rounded at the top. The auricle is fully visible from the front.
  • The short, powerful neck has loose skin – but no dewlap – and curves well into the short, pear-shaped, carp-backed body. The back is short, broad at the shoulders, slightly sloping behind, raised and tapering towards the loins.
  • The tail is set low – thick at the base, tapering rapidly – short (not docked) and straight. It is also carried as a knot or corkscrew rod.
  • The strong, muscular legs are characterized by the hindquarters being slightly longer than the front.
    The fine, dense, short and straight coat is neither wiry nor long and comes in the following colors: brindle, light and dark with a white breast, piebald white with black patches (white should be the basic color) and the color fawn.
  • The French bulldog is a heat-sensitive dog – they snore and are short of breath.

There are some great links on the Web for French Bulldog-related stuff & for dog stuff in general. These are some of our faves:

French Bulldog Resources

  • – The nerve center of the On-Line Frenchie Universe. You’ll find a whole BUNCH of Frenchie links from here – if it’s “Frenchie”, we’ve got it!
  • Fuzzy Faces – Woo Hoo! There’s a *whole* lotta Frenchie shopping to do on THIS site. Jewelry, decorative items, glassware, “Frenchie Crossing” Signs – break out your charge cards! (OK, we *know* shopping isn’t really a resource, and if we find enough Frenchie-oriented shopping sites we’ll give shopping its own section. Until then, this site is so cool it’s staying right here)
  • The French Bulldog Lover’s Home Page – If it’s about Frenchies, it’s on here. We suggest you stop by for more of everything Frenchie: reading material, breed standards, fun facts, breed history and MORE links!
  • The French Bulldog Wonderland – A fabulous site full of Frenchie Art. Make sure to take a look at the MAGNIFICENT Faberge Frenchie, made for the Royal Family of Russia – and check out that Tarot Card!
  • The French Bulldog AKC Breed Video – Available From Direct Book Services Item #B1062 Call 1-800-776-2665 or direct from the AKC. This video is great! It gives you a complete overview of what to look for in a show-quality French Bulldog, and it also gives you a great in-depth look at Frenchies in general! If you’ve only seen Frenchies in books, order this video and take a look at the real thing before you buy. It also gives you a quick overview of breed history. Absolutely invaluable for those considering showing.

Associations & Clubs

  • FCI
    (Federation Cynologique Internationale)
  • VDH
    (German Kennel Club)
  • IKFB
    (International Club for French Bulldogs eV)
  • KC
    (The Kennel Club)
  • AKC
    (American Kennel Club)
  • Other clubs
    (dissidence clubs)

On-Line Homes of REAL Frenchies

  • Look Out! It’s the Andalusian Bat Monkey!
  • Tessa’s Cyber Cafe – Tessa the French Bulldog invites you to stop by for a cup of tea and some sympathy.
  •  Wilf II’s Place – cutest little cyber Fwenchie on the Web. The bulldog DOT org balladeer.
  • Hambone and the Obedience Brachies – Home of Hambone, brother of Tessa.
  • REAL Dogs on the Web – Home pages of Real dogs on the Web. Make sure you stop by & say “hi” to Bubba Jean.

Fun Stuff

  • Cindy Tittle Moore’s Complete List of WWW Dog Sites – The mother lode of all things canine. If it isn’t on here, it probably doesn’t exist.
  • Hammie’s Hide Out – Dig it, baby. Hammer the hep and his sidekick Porkchop the hefty hang out and do video reviews, interview kool canine guests, and generally act like much cuter versions of David Letterman and Paul Schaffer. Plus, they work for dog cookies and tummy rubs.
  • Bulldog Cyber Postcards – Having a great time – wish you were here! Send an electronic postcard of your favorite bully pin-up to a friend in Cyber-Space.

Sites About Other Bull Breeds

  • bulldog DOT org – The ONLY spot you need – other than!
  • The Bull Breeds Home Page – One of the *BEST* spots on the web for fanciers of all things Bully. Browse through the French Bulldog Picture Archive – don’t forget to look at the other breeds! Also see the calendar, the bulldogx-l archive, and links to Bull Breed FAQs.
  • The Bulldog Club of America Home Page – What’s new at the BCA – learns all about Frenchie’s big cousin, the bulldog. We love ’em, but what’s up with those ears?
  • Bea’s Home Page – Have a Royal Audience with her majesty Queen Beatrice the Bulldog, Sovereign of rpd*.
  • Roxy’s Fan Club – Fans of Roxy the Bulldog are invited to stop by and admire her from afar.

😍 These gadgets are on my Frenchie’s wishlist, maybe your Frenchie needs them too? 🥰

✅ We laughed so hard we had tears rolling down our cheeks. Watch funny clips HERE

✅ My Frenchie has been self-conscious about his hair for years. He finally has the confidence to go on walks now. Other dogs don’t even know it’s a wig! What a steal!! LOL

✅ These matching sweaters are absolutely adorable. Fits my 22lb French bulldog like a glove, his shirt is super soft.

✅ Lots of folks said it was the cutest thing they had seen in a long time! It came with adjustable straps just in case the Frenchie gains weight (again.)

✅ Safety first, right? My Frenchie loves bike rides in the backpack but not so much in the rain, this Goggle/Hemlet set really helps keep the rain out of the eyes and ears.

Omg too cute😍 I do not need to explain why your Frenchie needs it right?

The hoodie is really well made and super soft fleece-lined! My Frenchie has been in it for hours, which is not common… safe to say it is puppy approved!

✅ You only need this one high-quality water-resistant jacket for Winter. Necessary piece. Make sure you check out the reviews to get the right size instead of keeping returning.

✅ There are built-in ear holes for comfort, which is how my Frenchie usually wears it, but sometimes we just have to keep those ears covered up and keep the heat in on the super-cold days. 

This playpen is a life saver! They can be linked together if desired to create a larger pen. 

✅ No animal should have to sleep on the floor and hurt or be cold. I asked my Frenchie for a review – unfortunately he’s too busy snoring, farting and sleeping on it to answer me…lol

✅ This is a fantastic car seat w lots of clever features. The entire seat can collapse to fit into its own carrying bag, though it’s easily put together again in 30 sec. The cover that the dogs rest on is silky soft faux fur which doesn’t seem to snag dirt and debris. It easily zips out for washing, and during the summer you can reverse the cover so the canvas side is up and not the fur. The pillow that boosts the dogs up in the seat has a soft foam side akin to memory foam. It’s very roomy and well made for a small Frenchie.

The couch is stylish and lightweight but definitely sturdy. As an added bonus the legs have non-skid pads on the bottom so it won’t slide when he gets in and out of it. Holding up pretty good even when Frenchie digs in it…

✅ Let me do you a favor and let you know that you NEED this NOW!!! It was very comfortable for me at this height. No pain or awkward positions and I didn’t get soaked.

✅ I don’t remember seeing any other pet strollers using this kind of high-end wheels. Perfect for the small puppy that is old or can’t walk much.

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