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This is frequently a blatant lie, which is reason enough for you to steer clear of purchasing a puppy from a pet store. Every pet shop that sells puppies will assure you that their puppies do not come from puppy mills but only from the finest breeders who have surplus stock. This is reason enough for you to avoid purchasing a puppy from a pet store.

Because a pet store is required by law to sell a puppy to anyone who walks in and can pay for the puppy, regardless of whether or not that person is able to take care of a puppy, a responsible and reputable breeder would never sell their litters to a pet store in the first place. The simple reason for this is that a pet store must sell a puppy to anyone who walks in and can pay for the puppy. It is against the law for a pet store to conduct background checks on potential customers before selling them a puppy, but a reputable breeder always does so in order to ensure that their offspring are adopted by caring families.

The proprietors and employees of pet shops receive training on the most effective ways to sell their wares, which unfortunately includes live animals. Since the goal is to make a profit, selling is the only thing that matters, and it doesn’t matter if the person buying the puppy is able to properly care for a young puppy or not. The following are two of the lies that you need to be aware of:

We Only Buy From Local Breeders

If a breeder is willing to sell their puppies to a pet store for the purpose of reselling them, then they are engaging in irresponsible behaviour. This holds true regardless of whether the pet shop buys from local breeders or from breeders located elsewhere in the world.

The Puppy’s Health Is Guaranteed

There are certain pet stores that will provide a guarantee that the puppy is healthy. What this guarantee often entails is that the pet store will provide a replacement for the puppy in the event that the unfortunate puppy develops a fault or becomes unwell. This, however, is of no assistance to the poor tiny puppy, and, in many cases, it will also be of no assistance to the buyer if they have grown attached to the new puppy.

The warranty does not imply that the puppy is healthy and free from defects or diseases; all it says is that it will be replaced in the event that it is found to have a problem, just like faulty electrical equipment or any other item that you purchased and later discovered to have a problem.

Even though we all feel terrible for the puppies that are kept in pet shops and stores, and even though many of us want to save them or rescue them from the little cages in which they are kept, we shouldn’t give in to the desire to save them. Although it is possible that we may save one, it is much more likely that many more would swiftly take their place, and by purchasing from these businesses, we are merely helping to fuel the industry.

When you buy a puppy from a pet store, you are contributing to the suffering of female dogs that are repeatedly bred in order to meet the demand for puppies at pet stores.

  • Make the lives of people who buy puppies from pet stores even more miserable by making it more likely that the dog will become unwell or have some other major flaw.
  • Compound the suffering of animal shelters, which are already overrun with pups from pet shops because their former owners have given up on caring for them because of the challenges they confront.

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