Do French Bulldogs Need A Coat In Winter? (Cold Weather Treatments)

In winter, at low air temperatures, i.e. below zero, the risk of a French bulldog getting cold outside and exhibiting the number of diseases increases significantly. Of course, the winter cold is not as dangerous for a Frenchman as the summer heat, but, nevertheless, the cold is different from the cold, and the owner should pay great attention to the prevention of winter ailments.

As we have already noted, the main problem of short-haired dogs in winter, including representatives of the French bulldogs, is their hypothermia. The first signs of hypothermia are trembling and tightening of the paws. The thermoregulatory mechanisms of the dog’s body, accustomed to a certain, homely ambient temperature, cannot always withstand the load associated with a large temperature difference when going out for a walk, and the dog catches a cold. Hypothermia is especially dangerous for puppies. Most often, their joints suffer, which provokes arthritis, a serious chronic disease. Hypothermia is fraught with various complications: pneumonia, respiratory diseases, myositis, arthritis, otitis media, and inflammation of the bladder and kidneys.

In order to reduce the possibility of hypothermia, it is necessary to provide your pet with an intense motor load. Do not allow long sitting and lying in the snow. Play stick with her, let her communicate and run with other dogs because most of the energy spent on muscle activity is spent on heat generation. It is necessary to accustom small bulldogs to walk in the cold gradually, constantly increasing the time of the walk and giving physical activity. At the same time, the dog is tempered and in the future will not freeze even in severe frost.

When the thermometer shows the temperature below 17 degrees, the duration of street walks should be reduced, and it is also recommended to wear a blanket or overalls that cover the dog from the base of the tail to the neck (it is desirable that the overalls have a collar), as well as covering the stomach.

Such “clothing” for dogs already exists and it will not be difficult to find it. Of course, you can do without specialized stores, for example, the French, children’s sweaters with short sleeves are also well suited. But it should be remembered that this is not at all a suitable option when walking under wet snow, because. sweaters can get wet, which increases the likelihood of illness. Sometimes you can hear advice to wear a hat in winter for a dog. You just don’t need to do this, it’s still a dog, not a doll, you not only constrain it but also increase the risk of otitis, not to mention the fact that you can ruin the ears of a puppy with cartilage that has not yet hardened.

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