Dogs: Pure Breed Vs. Mixed Breeds

Although you might already have a specific breed of puppy in mind that you want to buy, this is a decision that most people have to make when they are considering the purchase of a puppy. There are so many different breeds available, and each one has its own set of characteristics that set it apart from the others. The purchase of a puppy from a litter consisting of a combination of different breeds is still another alternative that might be considered.

A mixed breed puppy can be just as beautiful as a pure bred and they are just as intelligent, a mixed breed is a mixture of two different breeds of dog somewhere down the line. Depending on if it is a first generation mixed, for example the mother could be a Labrador and the father a German Shepard then the puppy could look very similar to either of its parents and have the traits associated with both.

If the mix breed has both parents who are themselves a mixed breed then the puppy will still have the genes of the original two purebreds only they will be more recessive. If you just want a puppy for a pet and companion then it really doesn’t matter if you choose a mixed breed, if however you want the puppy for show then of course you will have no choice but to choose a purebred.

The purebred dog

One of the benefits of having a purebred dog is that you will know exactly what it’s going to look like when the puppy grows into an adult dog and you will know how big it will get. All purebreds have predictable physical characteristics that don’t vary much, if you want a certain size dog, with a particular coat length and colour then you will be able to choose a breed matching those characteristics.

Purebred dogs will also have to some extent a predictable temperament, if you are looking for a friendly dog with lots of energy then choose a breed which are know for this character. On the downside the purebred dog is generally more prone to disease and ailments than the mixed breed; this is mainly down to genetics in the breeding. Certain breeds are prone to certain diseases and illnesses; also in certain breeds the incidence of defects is extremely high.

The mixed breed dog

Most times its not possible to predict what a mixed breed puppy will turn out like, of course if the owner of the mother of the puppies has a purebred dog and she knows that the father of the puppies is a purebred dog then you will have a general idea of the size of the puppies and to some extent what they will look like. Most puppies however come from a long line of mixed breed and there will be no way of determining what the puppies will look like or how big they can grow to.

However a mixed breed dog can be just as loving and make just as good a pet as any of the purebred dogs do, just because the puppy is of mixed breed doesn’t make it inferior in any way, of course you wont be able to show the dog, though sometimes county fairs will have a special section in shows for mixed breed dogs. This however is strictly for fun and is usually for the cutest puppy, ugliest dog e.t.c. it is really just a matter of preference when choosing to go for a purebred or mixed breed.

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