Famous Celebrity French Bulldogs In History

The aristocrats and their “French” – the French Bulldog in the last century

At the beginning of the twentieth century, a new breed for its time – the French Bulldog, rapidly gained incredible popularity in France and throughout Europe. Dogs of this breed kept famous aristocrats and members of royal dynasties in their magnificent palaces. In the New World, the French Bulldog has become a favorite not only of the rich but of the richest people. A dog of this breed sold for $ 250 to $ 750, and several dogs of the breed sold for $ 5,000, while the notorious Ford sold some of its cars for $ 270-350.

The inspiration for Parisian snobs and aristocrats from the early twentieth century, the writer Colette shared in a letter to her friend: “At that time I had two dogs, by the way, it is more correct to say that I had one dog and a French bulldog.”

King Edward VII (1841 – 1910) was known as a great lover of sports, hunting, the fairer sex, and French Bulldog Peter…

A dog of this breed fell victim to the sunken Titanic. Wealthy American industrialist Robert Daniels bought a spotted bulldog in France, which he and his owner had to arrive on a transatlantic liner in New York to shed new blood on French bulldogs. Unfortunately, the little Frenchman died during the fateful voyage. His master survived, suing, which he won. So Daniels received the astronomical sum of $ 750 at the time as compensation for the lost dog.

In 1914 Ilya Repin (1844-1930) made a portrait of Madame Alice Rivoir with her beloved French Bulldog.

The Russian royal family was also among the fans of the unusual breed. The French bulldog Ortino was a favorite of Princess Tatiana Romanova, daughter of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II. He and other members of the Ortino royal family were executed on June 16, 1918. When they later discovered the place where the remains of the Romanov family were buried, the skeleton of little Ortino was found among them.

One of the richest and most colorful Russian aristocrats, Prince Felix Yusupov, Count Sumarokov-Elston Jr. (1887 – 1967), who remained in Russian history as Rasputin’s killer, was also the owner and lover of the breed.

A great admirer of the breed was Fyodor Chaliapin, who, going abroad, always took his “French” with him.

Vladimir Mayakovsky was also a famous lover of the breed.

Funny puppies with big ears won the hearts of many famous writers and artists who immortalized them in their works. In the famous book of Ilf and Petrov “The 12 Chairs” there is a funny episode with their “participation”.

Even today, French Bulldogs remain one of the most popular and prestigious breeds in the world. Many famous people keep small-eared pets under their roof.

After retiring from the management of his fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent became lonely, remaining infinitely devoted to his family – his sisters and mother, a brilliant woman in love with her son. The constant companions of the famous fashion designer have always been dogs of the French Bulldog breed, each of which bore the same name – Male.

The fate of another famous owner of a French bulldog is connected with Yves Saint Laurent. Climbing the pedestal of the world-famous “guru of cosmetology” Francois Narsa began with his work in the fashion house of the designer. He prefers to spend his free time in his apartment in London’s Soho district, which he shares with his French bulldog Marcel.

Another world-famous fashion designer who can’t resist the charm of the French Bulldog is Tommy Hilfiger. He adores his friends Jimi and Dylan, whom he named after the legendary Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan.

Marilyn Manson with her favorite dogs

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