French Bulldog Grooming Tips

It is essential that your French bulldog be groomed on a regular basis in order to ensure that they continue to enjoy good health. Grooming is also a wonderful way to interact with your pet, and if your dog is trained to anticipate and enjoy the experience from an early age, it will be something that your dog looks forward to. Because Frenchies have short coats, the process of grooming them is simpler than it is for many other long-coated breed types. However, even a few minutes every day dedicated to the task of grooming will assist to guarantee that your pet continues to enjoy good health.

Basic brushing Brushing the coat of your frenchie will help to remove dead hairs and skin, which could otherwise cause your pet to scratch. It will also help to smooth out the natural oils in their coat and this prevents odours. It is one of the most essential yet simple parts to grooming your pet; there are a variety of brushes and combs available at most pet stores which are suitable for your frenchie. As the French bulldog has a smooth short coat a weekly brush might be all that’s needed to keep their coat in great condition.

Caring for the ears

The ears have to be kept clean to avoid getting infections, on a daily basis check the ears looking inside them, make sure they are a healthy pink colour and if all looks fine then gently swab the inner ear with a damp cotton bud. If you notice any symptoms such as a foul smelling odour or discharge then seek the advice of your vet, never push cotton buds deep into the ear canal.

Take care of the teeth

Dental care is as essential for your dog as it is for you; always check the teeth as part of the grooming process, poor dental hygiene can lead to bad breath from tooth decay and gum infection.

The feet and nails

Check the condition of your dog’s feet on a daily basis paying particular attention to the pads on the bottom of the feet, make sure they are clean and nothing is stuck on the pads. Nails will also have to be trimmed on a regular basis as these grow just the same as in humans, depending on if your dog spends a lot of time on concrete nails will have to be trimmed less regularly as the concrete will help to wear them down. Never cut the nails too deeply as you can cut into the quick and cause them to bleed. Special nail clippers designed for dogs can be bought easily form most good pet stores.

The eyes

Check your dogs eyes on a regular basis to make sure they are clean and not weeping, if there is any matter in the corner of the eye gently clean it using a damp cotton bud, if the weeping persists this could be a sing of an infection and the vets advice should be sought.

Bath time

About once a month you should give your pet a through clean in the tub, if you have followed this procedure from an early age then hopefully your dog wont put up too much of a fuss. Special dog shampoo can be obtained from the pet store or vets with which to wash your dogs coat, avoid getting soap into the ear canal and eyes of course.

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