French Bulldog House Training & Other Breeds

Some dog breeds are eager to please their owners, and this want to please itself itself in the speed with which they learn housetraining. On the other hand, some dog breeds, like the French bulldog, are notoriously difficult to housetrain because of their obstinate or slothful nature. However, there are two fundamental factors to take into account when housetraining your puppy, and these are as follows:

* Confinement so that your puppy cant go to the bathroom in the wrong place.

* Regular or constant access to the right place for your puppy to go to the bathroom.

Follow these two simple rules and you can’t go far wrong, however that’s not to say that your puppy will see it this way. But what does confinement from the wrong places actually means, it simply means that you shouldn’t allow your dog to wander freely around the house until he is actually house broken.

By doing this you are ensuring that your puppy cannot “go” just anywhere he chooses to, unless you are playing, grooming, petting, walking, feeding or teaching him something then make sure he is confined. By doing this you can make sure that while you’re not watching him he isn’t going to the bathroom where he pleases, thus starting a bad habit.

Access to the right place means that you take your puppy to the place where you want him to “go”, this could be a litter box by the door or out in the garden, by doing this at regular times and times when your puppy is most likely to want to “go” will ensure good habits. Of course this doesn’t mean that your puppy will get the idea straight away, it could take months before they learn. Two good ideas are:

Confinement to a crate then taken outdoors

This is a common and effective way to housetrain your new puppy, whenever you aren’t with him confine him to a crate, then on a regular basis take the crate outside or to the designated bathroom area.

Confinement to a pen with newspaper

This method is a variation on the above and is more suitable if you are going to be out for a few hours at a time, your puppy will have a little more room to move about and newspaper or a litter box in which to use as their bathroom. However if you are going to use a cat litter box then make sure not to use regular cat litter, it can easily become digested and play havoc with the stomach. Also the dust from cat litter can make your frenchies breathing harder than it already is and will do nothing for the snuffles and sniffles.

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