French Bulldog Postage Stamps Collecting

Do you love French bulldogs and stamp collecting at the same time?

French Bulldogs are very fortunate to have a variety of lovely stamps to build a collection around. 


Amurskaya presented the world with this adorable French Bulldog puppy in the year 1999. As may be seen, some of the most beautiful stamps in our collection are from the many Russian republics in the area. For whatever reason, it is nice to have new and fun stamps to show in our breed. The economy in the region that was formerly known as the Soviet Union is not doing well, so in order to produce hard currency, they are issuing stamps to sell on the world market. These stamps are not intended to be used on letters.


Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the economy in Russia has experienced extremely high inflation. As a result, stamps that were previously issued do not have sufficient value to cover the cost of mailing a letter. In order to rectify this issue, the local post offices have taken blocks of five “old” printed stamps and overprinted them with a new image and a new value. These new stamps can now be used to mail letters.

One of these “Russian Overprints” from Ingushetia is a French Bulldog, and it can be seen on the left side of the image above. These stamps are sold as a set that includes five distinct stamps of varying colors, each of which bears an identical overprint, as seen in more detail to the right. When I placed my most recent order for some overprints, I naturally assumed that they would continue to be accessible.

I was incorrect, and I never did come across any further copies of them. I anticipate that they will be just as rare and valuable as the originals. Since they were never intended to be distributed on a global scale, it is impossible to say how many overprints were manufactured (although it is safe to assume that it was not very many). They will only be useful for a brief period of time until the real stamps can be made and distributed. The stamp that was finally published with the unique picture of a French Bulldog from the overprint is seen on the right. This stamp was produced by Bashkiria and can be found on the right.

Within the context of the Russian Federation, Ingushetia is considered to be one of the 21 Russian republics. These republics are the administrative divisions that have the most autonomy overall. From 1936 until 1991, when Chechnya proclaimed its independence and the Ingush broke away from the republic, it was a component of an independent republic that was jointly governed by Chechens and Ingushes.

The year 1999 saw the release of the French Bulldog postage stamp from Bashkiria.

The region of Tatarstan and the Udmurt Republic that it shares a border with, sometimes known as Bashkortostan, is located in the South Ural Mountains. (for an explanation of Bashkortostan, check the stamp that comes after this one below)


This brand-new stamp was introduced by the Republic of Bashkortostan in the year 2001.

The South Ural Mountains form the boundary between the Tatarstan Republic and the Udmurt Republic, where the Bashkortostan Republic may be found. Bashkortostan was coerced into becoming the official Autonomous Soviet Republic in 1921 so that it could continue to function as a component of the Russian Federation. By 1937, Bashkortostan had consented to the Soviet Union’s constitution, according to which the republic was to be recognized as a state. Due to the lack of sovereign powers, this position was little more than a formality. Bashkortostan announced its independence as a sovereign state in 1990, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.


In 1997, Bhutan presented the world with a magnificent stamp depicting a French Bulldog. Bhutan is a small nation that is completely surrounded by land and is sandwiched between the two most populated countries, China and India. It is believed that the strong storms that blow down from the Himalayan Mountains are whence the region’s original name, Druk Yul, originated. “Land of the Thunder Dragon” is what Druk Yul literally translates to.

Bhutan is the only Buddhist country that still exists in the Himalayas, and its culture is very similar to that of Tibet in terms of how completely devoted its members are to their religion. Since Bhutan is sensitive to the possibility of being swayed by outside forces, the kingdom maintains full diplomatic relations with a total of just 16 nations and tourists were not permitted to enter until 1974. Even in modern times, Bhutan restricts the number of visitors to a maximum of 4,000 per year.

This is the second book in their Dogs of the World Series, which previously published books on six unique dog breeds, such as the Chinese Crested, Dandie Dinmont, and Norwich Terrier.


It would seem that Russia is rather fond of the breed. This gorgeous brindle was issued by the local state of Gagauzia in the year 1998.

Gagauzia is one of many local administrations in Russia that has produced topical stamps with the goal of earning revenue without giving the accompanying services. These stamps were published by the Gagauzia Post Office. Instead of actually using them to send messages, the stamps will be sold as collectibles, with the hope that collectors would purchase them. This one is quite wonderful, and it ought to be accessible for a reasonable amount of time.

Golden State Humane Society

The Golden State Humane Society has released a gorgeous head study as well as a full-body posture of a French Bull Dog.


Guinea-Bissau published this gorgeous brindle French Bulldog on their currency in the year 2001.

Guinea-Bissau is located in Western Africa, on the coast of the North Atlantic Ocean, between its southern neighbor Guinea and its northern neighbor Senegal. The first multiparty parliamentary and presidential elections in the nation’s history took place in 1994, twenty years after the country gained its independence from Portugal.

A rebellion inside the army in 1998 led to the outbreak of a deadly civil war, which resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. It will be difficult for Guinea-Bissau to make the switch back to democracy since the country’s economy is in ruins as a result of the civil war, and the country’s military has a history of interfering in civilian affairs.


Stamps that were previously issued in Russia are no longer valuable enough to cover the cost of sending a letter due to the high rate of inflation that has plagued the country’s economy following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. In order to address this issue, the local post offices have taken blocks of five “old” printed stamps and overprinted them with a new image and a new value.

One of these “Russian Overprints” from Komi is the French Bulldog that is seen to the left in the image above. These stamps are sold as a set that includes five distinct stamps of varying colors, each of which bears an identical overprint, as seen in more detail to the right. When I last ordered some overprints, I did so with the assumption that they would continue to be accessible. I was incorrect, and I never did come across any further copies of them.

I anticipate that they will be just as rare and collectible as the originals. Since they were never intended to be distributed on a global scale, it is impossible to say how many overprints were manufactured (although it is safe to assume that it was not very many). They will only be useful for a brief period of time until the real stamps can be made and distributed. On the right is the stamp that was finally released by Kalmykia with the French Bulldog picture that was taken from the overprint. This stamp can be seen on the right.

The Komi Republic may be found in the far north-eastern corner of the Russian Federation. The population of the Komi Republic is believed to be 1.2 million citizens, and it is comprised of 100 different ethnicities, hence the state may be classified as a multinational state. The former independent state of the Komi people is now administratively subsumed under the Russian Federation. The location, variety, and quality of the republic’s mineral resources all contribute to its one-of-a-kind status as stocks. Mineral resources in the Komi Republic include combustible minerals, oil and gas, metal ores, minerals, and balneological resources. Mineral resources also include a variety of minerals.

The stamp that you see on the right was issued by the Russian Autonomous Okrug of Kalmykia. The dissolution of the Soviet Union has been a boon to stamp collectors who have an interest in collecting topical stamps. Printing of topical stamps has been more popular over the last few years due to the fact that postal administrations no longer need to offer the additional services of mail delivery in order to profit from selling commemorative stamps to collectors across the globe. Regardless of the motivation behind it, the fact that such a beautiful imprint was added to our breed is deserving of our gratitude.


Karakalpakia, which is now a part of Uzbekistan, is located on the outskirts of the receding Aral Sea, which has only lately shown a shockingly high incidence of environmental illness. Since the lake, which was once the fourth largest in the world, has turned into a desert and its waters have been siphoned off to irrigate vast cotton fields and rice paddies in Central Asia, women and children are the most severely affected by the spread of pesticides and other pollutants.

This has resulted in the most severe health problems. Kidney illness affects more than twenty percent of young women ages 13 to 19, and thyroid dysfunction affects an additional twenty-three percent of this age group. Additionally, the blood of many women has excessive amounts of lead, zinc, and strontium.

Even though the Aral Sea has probably fewer than ten years remaining of existence, the 1.1 million people who live in Karakalpakia are in urgent danger of their health if nothing is done to rescue what is left of it. If nothing is done to enhance the health of the people, we could be watching the end of another whole civilization as a direct consequence of the foolish actions of its members. The year 2000 saw the release of this stamp.

Para Timor

In the year 2000, Para Timor created this beautiful body position as well as a head study. Recently, the people of East Timor, which is a part of Indonesia, chose to break away and form their own nation. Because the present leadership is so determined to maintain its hold on power, there is still a great deal of instability.


The exquisite head study stamp belongs to the oldest generation of our collection. It was published in Poland in the year 1963. Considering how far the French Bulldog type has come in the last 35 years, it is fascinating to follow its evolution. These stamps were not very hard to get when they were first released; but, as time passes, their availability decreases.

Poland may be found in the center of Europe, to the east of Germany, and it is just somewhat larger than New Mexico. The climate is temperate, with winters that are cold, windy, gloomy, and somewhat harsh, and they have regular precipitation. The summers are warm, and they have frequent showers and thunderstorms. The majority of the area is comprised of plains, and there are mountains located along the southern border.

The natural resources include coal, sulfur, copper, natural gas, silver, lead, salt, arable land, and lead. The possibility of floods is always present in this region. Since 1989, the situation has significantly improved because of a decrease in heavy industries and an increasing concern for the environment on the part of postcommunist administrations. The North European Plain had a turbulent past due to its flat topography and absence of natural barriers, both of which contributed to the region’s instability.


In the year 2000, Russia published this stunning head study that also includes a small representation of the whole body.

Sakhalin Islands

Another brand new stamp was released in 2001, this time from the region of Sakhalin. What a perfect setting, the Eiffel Tower, for a “French Bulldog” to stand in front of. The white fur of the dog is highlighted by the pastel colors that are soothing to the eye.

The island of Sakhalin is very long but just a few miles wide, and it is situated in the Pacific Ocean between Japan and the Russian Maritime Territory. Westerners once believed that it should be a peninsula due to the fact that it is separated from the continent by a tiny strait that has a width of just six kilometers.

Sakhalin, along with the Kuril Islands, is one of the areas that is being contested between Japan and Russia, and the question of who really owns it has not been definitively answered. The municipal government first began selling postage stamps in the year 1997.


The year 2001 saw the release of this stamp with a soft color palette. The backdrop of the white French Bulldog looks great with these color choices.

Sharjah is the third biggest of the seven republics that together make up the United Arab Emirates. These states gained their complete independence from Britain in 1971. Since that time, it has been the subject of interest, first because of the oil deposits it has and the strategic position it occupies, and more recently, in addition to these factors, due to the program it has in place to foster economic and social growth.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been a witness to the development of a fully contemporary welfare state in the latter part of the twentieth century. Every resident has access to educational opportunities, medical care, and social support services. The year 2000 was the first time since 1972 that Sharjah has produced dog-themed postage stamps; specifically, this adorable puppy stamp.


Somalia presented the world with this absolutely stunning stamp in 2002.

The nation of Somalia, which is also known as the Somali Democratic Republic, can be found in the Horn of Africa, which is the most eastern region of the African continent. Despite having achieved its independence in 1960, the country has been plagued by near-constant turmoil, which has prevented it from establishing a stable position in the region.


French Bulldog Souvenir Sheets from Benin.

It is possible to make the observation that Benin, which was once known as Dahomey, has maybe the “most trodden tracks by Europeans of any country in Africa.” The history of Benin is made up of a series of kingdoms that were followed by years of communist dictatorship and then, in 1990, freedom.

Benin Souvenir Sheet

Benin has produced yet another brand new souvenir sheet. On this one, the French Bulldog appears not in the main sheet but rather on the border on the top right-hand side. Despite this, it is a really good headstudy. It is quite unlikely that we will get two souvenir sheets from the same nation in the same year that both feature the French Bulldog. Benin is referred to as the Country of Benin above.

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