French Bulldog Temperament Alert!

One of the major qualities of the French bulldog that practically all owners of this beautiful little lively dog will tell you is that it is a clown; the breed has been termed extremely humorous and charming. If you are seeking for a devoted companion pet then you can do no better than the small Frenchie. Here are some essential hints :

The French bulldog has one of the sweetest personalities of any breed of dog and is well known as the joker who is easy going for the majority of the time, although just as with people dogs differ too in personality and while the Frenchie has an excellent temperament they can have their off days just as anyone can.

While the French bulldog will typically get along with anybody and everybody they do prefer to select one person in particular and then remain with that person. The link that the Frenchie creates with his primary caretaker and owner is like no other and they are entirely dedicated and thrive on attention and affection, they do not fare well when left alone for extended periods of time. The French bulldog isn’t a dog that you can own and then ignore except for when you want it around, it is a companion dog and it does need lots of attention and above all love from its owner, the Frenchie is not a dog that can be left alone outside in a kennel as it simply will not thrive without love and affection.

The French bulldog’s disposition with other dogs is typically thought to be excellent; the majority of time they will get along with other dogs and even other pets in the family but the male dog may occasionally be highly aggressive with other males.

While the French bulldog is a really charming adorable clown the breed can tend to have a mind of its own at times and can be extremely willful, you do have to have a hard voice when it comes to training however it is crucial that you be very persistent yet patient when it comes to the training. Never ever be tempted to smack or jerk your French bulldog about if it doesn’t behave as you want, they will not react to this and will more often than not rebel against it.

The French bulldog does have an excellent temperament with children but because of its small size it can feel intimidated and it can tire easily when around boisterous children, it is a relatively good breed but is best not left at the mercy of very small children and is best with older children who are more considerate and will not chase the poor dog around if he should want to rest. On the other hand some French bulldogs simply seem to have all the energy in the world and are continually on the other move almost all day long; they can be over enthusiastic and don’t know when enough is enough, they can make a lot of noise to get your attention although they are not considered to be yappy.

Just as with people dogs do differ and while the above is a relatively true picture of the average breed of the French bulldog the Frenchie can vary, some are more boisterous than others but almost all French bulldogs have the loyalty and love for their owners which makes them an excellent companion.

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