Frenchie Owner Tips

The French bulldog, commonly known as a “Frenchie” due to its endearingly cute nickname, is a lovable little creature that is suitable for a variety of roles, including those of a loyal friend and vigilant watchdog, as well as being great around young children.

However, this is a breed that does not enjoy being left alone for extended periods of time. Instead, they prefer to spend their time with a companion and are recognized for their reliability as a pet that can be trusted. Because of its small size, the French bulldog only requires a minimal amount of room, making it an excellent choice for people who live in apartments. Some of the names that have been given to the French bulldog include “a clown,” “fearless,” and “gay.”

However, they do require exercising the same as all breeds of dog and enjoy the fresh air but in return for this, the “Frenchie” will give you many years of loyalty and devotion. They are regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog and do adapt easily to training, in fact, their willingness to please their owner makes training fun, puppies can be very mischievous and when reaching the “teenage” years they can be very independent so perseverance is essential during this time and of course understanding and patience. When it comes to choosing your French bulldog you will of course have to decide what role it is to play, there are puppies that are sold as “show” dogs and those that are sold as companion dogs or pets. The main difference will be the cost of the puppy. A puppy that has been bred for show will meet the criteria set out for the standard of the American kennel club while a companion dog may fall a little short. However, if you don’t have plans to show the dog then there is nothing wrong with choosing a puppy from a companion litter.

When it comes to buying your puppy you should always go to a reputable breeder for your dog, never buy a puppy from a puppy farm or pet store. A reputable breeder will be able to give you all the information you need regarding this charming little dog and this is essential if you know very little about the breed. As with all breeds of dogs, the Frenchie isn’t without its problems when it comes to medical conditions and a reputable breeder will have had their puppies checked over and will have given them the necessary inoculations. A reputable breeder will also be there to give advice after the sale of the puppy if you should have any problems. There are French bulldog clubs throughout all States in the USA which can pass a list of breeders’ names to you and again a club such as this holds vital information and facts regarding the breed.

When looking for a puppy it is often said that a puppy will choose you rather than you it, but some tips for choosing a healthy puppy include choosing one that isn’t shy and comes forward with plenty of curiosity whilst at the same time not being over boisterous. The puppy should show a keen interest and be inquisitive, should have a sheen to its coat and bright alert eyes, don’t choose a puppy that shies away from you, is very quiet or that seems to be very docile, while it could mean the puppy is nothing more than just being shy, it could also indicate problems.

Top 10 Essential Dog Caring Tips

Your dog is your friend and will provide you with love, friendship, and loyalty for many years to come in exchange for loving care, a secure shelter, clean water, and adequate food. They depend on you to provide them with medical attention when they are ill, as well as regular exercise and grooming to help them remain fit and healthy. The following is a list of the top ten necessities for ensuring that your dog will remain fit and healthy for many years to come:

  1. Make sure that you give your dog a collar and that it includes an identity tag with your name and telephone number on it, or even better have an electronic tag fitted just under your dog’s skin, this makes it easy to track your dog should it get lost or stolen.
  2. Make sure you follow all the local laws and regulations regarding licensing for your dog and that they have the correct vaccinations when they should.
  3. When on public property keep your dog on a lead, you should always keep your dog under strict control at all times when out and about. Never let your dog go wandering off alone and make sure they cannot get off your property without you. When you are walking keep your dog on its lead by your side until you come to an area away from cars, even then your dog should be well behaved and always do as it is told the minute you tell it.
  4. Make sure your dog has proper accommodation; if you keep your dog outside in a kennel make sure it’s the correct size for the breed of dog and that you spend a decent amount of time with it. Dogs crave companionship and don’t like to be left all day alone or tied up in a small pen, make sure you can devote the time needed to take care of a pet before you take on the responsibility.
  5. Take your dog to the vet regularly, and makes sure that you take your dog to see the vet on a regular basis, this way illness can be caught before it shows and always make sure your dog has the necessary vaccinations when needed.
  6. Spay or neuter your dog, dogs that have this surgery are known to live longer, be healthier and have fewer behavior problems.
  7. Give your dog a healthy balanced diet with plenty of clean fresh drinking water available at all times, if your dog puts on too much weight then seek the advice of your vet before restricting their diet.
  8. Take your dog to obedience classes, this not only makes your life a lot easier but also that of your dog, a well-behaved dog who does as they are told will be welcome at a lot more places than ones who just please themselves.
  9. Give your dog the exercise that they need without overdoing it, two walks for roughly 15 minutes is adequate enough for most breeds providing they can get outside in the garden throughout the day. Smaller breeds may not even need this much exercise, care should of course be taken with very young puppies as their little legs may tire easily.
  10. Be patient with your dog, sometimes your companion may not understand what is required of them and you may have to repeat or tell them in a different way what you want them to do. Dogs aren’t minded readers and cannot understand anything and everything you ask of them so a little patience on your part can go a long way.

😍 These gadgets are on my Frenchie’s wishlist, maybe your Frenchie needs them too? 🥰

✅ We laughed so hard we had tears rolling down our cheeks. Watch funny clips HERE

✅ My Frenchie has been self-conscious about his hair for years. He finally has the confidence to go on walks now. Other dogs don’t even know it’s a wig! What a steal!! LOL

✅ These matching sweaters are absolutely adorable. Fits my 22lb French bulldog like a glove, his shirt is super soft.

✅ Lots of folks said it was the cutest thing they had seen in a long time! It came with adjustable straps just in case the Frenchie gains weight (again.)

✅ Safety first, right? My Frenchie loves bike rides in the backpack but not so much in the rain, this Goggle/Hemlet set really helps keep the rain out of the eyes and ears.

Omg too cute😍 I do not need to explain why your Frenchie needs it right?

The hoodie is really well made and super soft fleece-lined! My Frenchie has been in it for hours, which is not common… safe to say it is puppy approved!

✅ You only need this one high-quality water-resistant jacket for Winter. Necessary piece. Make sure you check out the reviews to get the right size instead of keeping returning.

✅ There are built-in ear holes for comfort, which is how my Frenchie usually wears it, but sometimes we just have to keep those ears covered up and keep the heat in on the super-cold days. 

This playpen is a life saver! They can be linked together if desired to create a larger pen. 

✅ No animal should have to sleep on the floor and hurt or be cold. I asked my Frenchie for a review – unfortunately he’s too busy snoring, farting and sleeping on it to answer me…lol

✅ This is a fantastic car seat w lots of clever features. The entire seat can collapse to fit into its own carrying bag, though it’s easily put together again in 30 sec. The cover that the dogs rest on is silky soft faux fur which doesn’t seem to snag dirt and debris. It easily zips out for washing, and during the summer you can reverse the cover so the canvas side is up and not the fur. The pillow that boosts the dogs up in the seat has a soft foam side akin to memory foam. It’s very roomy and well made for a small Frenchie.

The couch is stylish and lightweight but definitely sturdy. As an added bonus the legs have non-skid pads on the bottom so it won’t slide when he gets in and out of it. Holding up pretty good even when Frenchie digs in it…

✅ Let me do you a favor and let you know that you NEED this NOW!!! It was very comfortable for me at this height. No pain or awkward positions and I didn’t get soaked.

✅ I don’t remember seeing any other pet strollers using this kind of high-end wheels. Perfect for the small puppy that is old or can’t walk much.

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