Frenchie Owner Tips

The French bulldog, commonly known as a “Frenchie” due to its endearingly cute nickname, is a lovable little creature that is suitable for a variety of roles, including those of a loyal friend and vigilant watchdog, as well as being great around young children.

However, this is a breed that does not enjoy being left alone for extended periods of time. Instead, they prefer to spend their time with a companion and are recognised for their reliability as a pet that can be trusted. Because of its small size, the French bulldog only requires a minimal amount of room, making it an excellent choice for people who live in apartments. Some of the names that have been given to the French bulldog include “a clown,” “fearless,” and “gay.”

However they do require exercising the same as all breeds of dog and enjoy the fresh air but in return for this the “Frenchie” will give you many years of loyalty and devotion. They are regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog and do adapt easily to training, in fact their willingness to please their owner makes training fun, puppies can be very mischievous and when reaching the “teenage” years they can be very independent so perseverance is essential during this time and of course understanding and patience. When it comes to choosing your French bulldog you will of course have to decide what role it is to play, there are puppies that are sold as “show” dogs and those that are sold as companion dogs or pets. The main difference will be the cost of the puppy. A puppy that has been bred for showing will meet the criteria set out for the standard of the American kennel club while a companion dog may fall a little short. However if you don’t have plans to show the dog then there is nothing wrong with choosing a puppy from a companion litter.

When it comes to buying your puppy you should always go to a reputable breeder for your dog, never buy a puppy from a puppy farm or pet store. A reputable breeder will be able to give you all the information you need regarding this charming little dog and this is essential if you know very little about the breed. As with all breeds of dogs the Frenchie isn’t without its problems when it comes to medical conditions and a reputable breeder will have had their puppies checked over and will have given them the necessary inoculations. A reputable breeder will also be there to give advice after the sale of the puppy if you should have any problems. There are French bulldog clubs throughout all States in the USA which can pass a list of breeder’s names onto you and again a club such as this holds vital information and facts regarding the breed.

When looking for a puppy it is often said that a puppy will choose you rather than you it, but some tips for choosing a healthy puppy include choosing one that isn’t shy and comes forward with plenty of curiosity whilst at the same time not being over boisterous. The puppy should show a keen interest and be inquisitive, should have a sheen to its coat and bright alert eyes, don’t choose a puppy that shies away from you, is very quiet or that seems to be very docile, while it could mean the puppy is nothing more than just being shy, it could also indicate problems.

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