How Our Dog Can Help Us

A dog doesn’t ask for much other than care, love, friendship, and shelter, but they offer so much more back in return without even thinking about it. A dog is a faithful companion, but they can serve us in many other ways as well. Your dog has the ability to teach you about unconditional love and understanding, improve both your emotional and physical health, and provide you with friendship and protection that is always there for you no matter what.

Your Dog Teaches You

While you might not even realise it your dog is actually teaching you, they help people of all ages to understand abut love and giving, teach responsibility and loyalty. A dog is an invaluable aid when it comes to teaching younger children how to care for their fellow human beings and animals.

Your Dog As A Therapist

There are many pet assisted therapy programs, dogs are taken to visit the elderly in nursing homes which is always a highlight for those taking part, and studies have proven that they do make a difference. Dogs are taken to hospitals to visit sick children and this has been known to improve the morale of the patients and help with communication.

Dogs As Helpers

There are numerous ways in which the dog gives help and assistance, the Labrador retriever will be there for the blind and act as their eyes, the blind put their life into the hands (paws) of these dogs and must trust them without a doubt. Search and rescue dogs will go into hazardous places where humans cant reach and seek out people trapped, they will then alert their owners and stay with the injured offering them companionship until help arrives.

There are dogs that put their lives before that of their owner on the police force, they will assist in making an arrest and chasing down a fleeing criminal stopping them until their partner can get to them. There are dogs that routinely search for drugs and explosives, helping their handlers to make the world a safer place. Dogs help us in so many different ways and on so many different levels.

Dogs As Healers

Taking care of a dog and knowing that the dog relies on you is beneficial to our emotional and physical health, caring for a dog can provide a person with a sense of fulfillment and give them a purpose in life. A dog can help to release stress and strain of everyday life which leads to a healthier person as we all know that anxiety and stress can make us ill and be the cause of disease.

Just by relaxing and petting your dog can help to lower the blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, walking your dog can help to improve circulation of the blood and strengthen the heart as well as helping to shed a few pounds.

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