How To Choose A Good Dog Breeder

A reputable breeder will always ask you several questions before they will let you buy a puppy, and of course you should have several questions of your own for the breeder. It is important that you choose a good breeder from which to purchase your puppy, regardless of the breed of dog that you are interested in purchasing. When considering the purchase of a puppy, it is important to first decide what purpose the dog will serve in your life, such as if you want a puppy as a companion and pet or whether you will want to exhibit the dog.

Puppies bred specifically for showing are of course more expensive than ones who are to be just pets, the only difference being a show dog will have to meet strict requirements set out for the breed while the pet may have colour miss-markings or some such trait that it doesn’t meet up to the high standards required for showing. Points you should look for when choosing a breeder are:

* A breeder who keeps the dogs in the house rather than in pens or runs outside.

* The puppies look happy and healthy and don’t shy away from strangers but are adventurous when meeting new people.

* The area where the dogs are kept is clean and hygiene is maintained.

* The breeder shows you the puppies parents or at the very least their mother.

* Choose a breeder who only breeds one type of dog and who knows the breed well.

* The breeder can show you vets records and has a medical history of the dogs and puppies.

* The breeder can offer you advice on the breed and is willing to provide after care once you have bought a puppy.

* A breeder who is willing to provide references to other people who have bought puppies in the past.

* A breeder who feeds a premium brand of dog food.

* A breeder who encourage multiple visits before you buy the puppy and who encourages all the family to visit before buying.

* A breeder who can give you a written contract regarding the health of the puppy.

The breeder should never just sell puppies to anyone without first asking questions about the buyer, common questions the breeder should ask of you are:

* Why you want a puppy.

* Ask about which vet you would be considering using after buying the puppy.

* Ask about your accommodation, making sure you have adequate space for a dog.

* Ask if you are home to take care of the dog during the day.

* Ask about what you know about the breed of the dog.

* Make sure you understand any health problems relating to the particular breed of the dog.

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