How To Choose A Vet For Your French Bulldog

Your French bulldog dog or frenchie puppy will be just like one of the family, and just like the rest of your family, you will want to provide them with the best medical treatment available whenever they are sick. The question is, how do you find the correct veterinarian for your dog or puppy?

It is essential that you look for a veterinarian who is familiar with the French bulldog and its unique medical needs because these dogs are prone to a number of unique health issues. One of these issues is that French bulldogs have a shorter respiratory system than other dog breeds, which can give them breathing problems and of course interfere with anaesthesia.

Most vets will know a vast amount of information on any particular breed and how to treat and deal with problems associated with that breed, but it is worthwhile double checking this and choosing your vet before they are needed.

How do I find the right vet?

The breeder who you got your puppy from can often give you information on particular vets which know your breed of dog, however very often you will have travelled quite a distance for your puppy especially if it is a certain breed such as the French bulldog.

If the breeder can’t recommend a vet within easy travelling distance then you could do a search online either for a vet just in your vicinity or a vet which has knowledge about your particular breed. You can also check in the yellow pages under vets and animal hospitals, all vets will have to be certified to meet certain requirements especially in fields such as surgery, cardiology or ophthalmology.

Once you have found one or two vets within travelling distance you should make an appointment to visit the practice, the vet should be more than willing to meet you and let you see the facility and meet your dog or puppy. Here are some general points you should look for when choosing a vet :

  • Is the facility clean, well organised and does it feel comfortable.
  • Are the members of staff friendly and do they seem happy in their work.
  • Do you have to have an appointment to see the vet.
  • How many veterinarians are there in the practice.
  • Do they understand the problems associated with your French bulldog.
  • Is the staff competent and calm.
  • What are the fees.
  • Are x ray, blood work and other diagnostic treatment available on the premises.

Don’t be afraid to ask the vet and the staff any questions or concerns that you have and talk with them about the problems associated with your frenchie, a reputable vet will be well aware of the problems surrounding a particular breed and know how to deal with them if they should occur.

You should take your dog or puppy with you when you visit so they can become accustomed to one another without any actual treatment been given, this way your dog or puppy won’t associate a trip to the vets with pain or discomfort.

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