How To Determine The Price Of A French Bulldog

If you are looking for a dog that meets the standard for the breed to the letter and has the option of showing the dog at dog shows, then you will pay more for a puppy than you would if you just had in mind to have the dog as a pet. The quality of the breed has a significant impact on the price of the French bulldog.

A French bulldog that is only kept as a pet will not fulfil the high requirements that are required or the precise criteria that is outlined in the breed standard. For example, the dog’s ears might be a little bit smaller than the norm or they might not stand correctly on the dog’s head. This of course does not detract from the dog’s appearance or lovability, and the puppy is worthy of purchase if you just want a companion dog and of course they are cheaper, but if you want a dog for show then you will need to ensure that it does meet the exact standards, and of course show breeders will charge a high price for a puppy that comes from show stock quality. However, if you just want a companion dog then the puppy is worthy of purchase and of course they are cheaper

While the ears and quality of the French bulldog are the main consideration when it comes to cost, they should appear bat like; there are other factors which can determine how much you pay for your dog or puppy. The French bulldog can be found in a gorgeous array of colours and if you want one of the more exotic colours that are being bred then you can expect to pay more. The more common colours of the French bulldog such as the pied, brindles and cream are a lot cheaper to buy as are black and tan and live and mouse colours.

Perhaps one of the biggest factors which determine the high cost that is associated with the French bulldog is the problems they have when breeding and delivering the puppy or puppies. The French bulldog breed has very small litters due to their small size and usually has just one or two at the most and of course this puts up the cost of the puppy drastically in comparison to breeds that have six or seven puppies to a litter. The majority of puppies are born by caesarean, again due to the size of the mother and the fact that the French bulldog is noted for its big head and ear size which makes giving birth difficult and when it comes to breeding the bitch usually has to be inseminated artificially, which of course is very costly and as such the price of the puppy will reflect this.

The French bulldog is considered to one of the expensive breeds of dogs but of course this is only reflected by the care they need and the means which have to used during conception and birth. You should be very wary of any puppy which is offered as a bargain as this could mean that both the puppy and the parents aren’t registered by the kennel club, they might not have the proper documentation or that the health and care of the puppy and its parents weren’t the best.

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