How To Raise French Bulldog Puppies?

If you have chosen the French Bulldog breed, you should not go for a puppy to a pet store or exchange – it is best to turn for help to a dog club or licensed kennel. You should not take a puppy if there will be no one at home for a long time in the first months of his life!

When raising a puppy, you must strictly adhere to the following four principles:

  • carefully monitor its proper nutrition;
  • to ensure sufficient stay of the puppy in the sun and fresh air; the puppy must stay outdoors for at least two hours a day;
  • to observe the proper hygiene regime of the puppy: to make sure that his bed is clean, his body is clean and if possible not to be taken out in dirty places.
  • You must constantly teach the puppy discipline (you should not allow him to do everything he wants or things that will not be allowed to him when he grows up).

It should be emphasized that raising a puppy requires a lot of diligence from the owner, sometimes giving up some pleasures, and some troubles are not excluded.

It should also be borne in mind that raising a puppy is associated with a certain loss of free time and material support. But, how conscientiously you will follow the rules of care, nutrition and hygiene of the puppy in the first year of his life, depends on his health, character and ability to work throughout his life. Save no time or money for your pet and you will be rewarded with a beautiful, obedient and infinitely attached dog.

Poor nutrition and careless treatment of the puppy will eventually lead to inevitable developmental delays, illness, unjustified hopes in the show ring (for those who have such ambitions), and difficulties in training and in everyday life.

Basic rules for raising a puppy of the French Bulldog breed

  1. The puppy needs “privacy”. It must have a place where it can sleep or rest from people and small children. No one should ever touch it in this place.
  2. The puppy should be fed 6 to 2 times a day at certain times (depending on age).
  3. The puppy needs quality and proper nutrition according to his needs, but never to human taste (jam, pasta, chips, etc.)
  4. The puppy should be taken out often and long enough.
  5. The puppy must have a kind and demanding owner. He should replace the mother and later the leader of the herd.
  6. His puppy needs cosmetic care (haircare).
  7. The puppy needs to take care of his health (you need to treat him if he gets sick, protect him from bad animals and take responsibility for his life).
  8. For the proper development of the puppy’s mind and intellect, he needs communication. It has to communicate with people, it has to have toys.
  9. You need to train your puppy and teach him good manners. Puppies love to be trained, but at an early age, you need to arm yourself with patience.

If you follow these rules, you will become your dog’s best friend.

So, your choice is set to Frenchy. It would be useful for you to read some literature about dogs and specifically about the breed, to visit one or two dog shows to find your way around.

If you want to take the dog home as a companion and friend, the exterior, birthmarks and color of the dog will not play a decisive role, but keep in mind that, as a rule, white dogs need more care.

If you want to regularly visit exhibitions and take a good ranking in them, as well as participate in breeding activities – do not rush, but think carefully about everything.

People who buy a dog for the first time face various complications. If you have a dog with a pedigree, this does not mean that it will participate and win in shows. You will have a beautiful, purebred and well-groomed dog, but let’s assume that it does not quite meet the strict standards. This should not make you angry. Only a specialist dog trainer can tell how a puppy will develop – a dog only for a friend and companion or a high-class pedigree dog.

The French Bulldog has a very interesting behavior. Among this breed, you will not meet nervous or lazy dogs. The psyche of the French is normal and their nervous system is healthy. This breed is the golden mean between such furies as the Jack Russell Terriers and the overly proud Pekingese.

There are many legends about the intellect of the French Bulldogs, especially among their owners. Every breeder will tell you that his pet is the smartest and most resourceful. This is true – the French are smart and resourceful.

However, there is no denying that they are persistent. They are very persistent and like to be quiet and calm around them. In short, they don’t like clutter, the French Bulldog is also quite jealous. Often, their jealousy extends to family members living with the dog under one roof. Not to mention the uninvited guests and other dogs trying to get closer to the owner. Like a guard, the French Bulldog is not inferior even to the Rottweiler – of course not in strength and height, but in malice towards strangers and caution. Even at night, when your bulldog seems to be sound asleep and snoring heavily, his protruding ears never cheat on him. Even the slightest rustling will not escape the wonderful hearing of your little guard.

The French Bulldog is the owner of the house. And even if you have two dogs of different breeds, he will always try to take the lead. Two Frenchmen (especially of the same sex) can make your life difficult, to put it mildly: they will divide you all the time.

If you have decided to get a French Bulldog, you need to consider whether you will be able to give him all your love and attention. To a lesser extent, he will not agree and loves caresses and encouragement.

After all, the Frenchman is quite offensive, but reconciling with him is an easy task. One kind word about him is the best reward.

Because of his love of games and his constant need to protect someone, the French Bulldog is especially suitable for living with children. And with his fast-growing attachment, he gets along well with older people.

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