Living with a French Bulldog

The word bulldog used to be considered a swear word in France. Despite this, this dog was always very popular. The French poet Colette owned several dogs of this breed and often walked them through the streets of Paris.

In 1932, in her book “Prison and Paradise”, Colette describes the character of a bulldog as follows: “When she meets an ordinary dog, she thinks of nothing, because she doesn’t even notice other dogs Basset, a greyhound, or a German shepherd. A kind of torpor, especially when sexually aroused, sometimes afflicted her when a hot-blooded stranger with flowing fur and a long, heraldic snout tried to take hold of her. I saw They lie on the ground eye to eye, but his wooing was in vain, for she simply turned away from the besieger. The Bulldog loves only one breed – its own.”

The French bulldog loves a peaceful life with his family, who spoil him with tenderness. She loves to lie on your knees when you are working at your desk or to sleep at your feet. Your bully will want to follow you everywhere. In short, the French Bulldog is a people lover who wants to share the finer things in human life with them and doesn’t want to be constantly sent to their basket – there is hardly a more affectionate dog!

When faced with severity and injustice, the French bulldog can be defiant, sulky and quarrelsome. She is very sensitive and easily offended – but she is not resentful. When satisfied, she often lets out deep but happy snores. This peculiarity can be traced back to the structure of the skull of the dog.

Despite its size, the French bulldog is a true Molosser and heir to brave fighters. It immediately sounds an alarm if intruders approach the house or are in the apartment. If provoked, she attacks them too. Male dogs in particular have amazing courage. They don’t seem afraid of anything. Sometimes people have to intervene to protect the dog.
The muscular and resilient French bulldog is not a dangerous dog. She is very trusting of strangers – which may not be good for the ego of its owner but is good for the dog should it have to change familiar homes and owners for whatever reason – enjoys playing outdoors with children. She likes to romp around with the little ones and even allows her to be dressed in doll clothes and tied with ribbons around her neck. She is a very athletic dog. If not strictly a lap dog – given her weight of up to 14kg – she makes an excellent family pet.

The French Bulldog is an adaptable dog. She feels just as comfortable in a small 2-room apartment as she does in a large house with a piece of land, but she likes it very human. She finds it really comfortable on the sofa. If you don’t like that, you should put her in her own place right from the start, where she doesn’t have to feel disturbed. But you should think very carefully about letting her sleep in your bedroom because she snores at night!

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