Most Popular French Bulldog Color Types

One of the aspects about French Bulldogs that I particularly like is the fantastic range of colors that are available for them to come in; there is, quite literally, a color that is suitable for the majority of people. However, there is a downside to all of this variation, and that is that it makes it difficult to choose which name should be given to each color. In an effort to help clear up some of this misunderstanding, I’ve chosen to create a website that illustrates colors that are regularly seen, as well as a few colors that aren’t seen very often. Remember that the color of French Bulldogs is a very passionately debated subject, so I’m sure you’ll find a few individuals who disagree with my definitions, particularly when it comes to the one I name “mouse.”

To begin, here is what the standard for the AKC has to say about the different colors:
“Acceptable colors include any and all brindle, fawn, white, brindle and white, and any other hue, with the exception of those colors that result in disqualification. There is no hue that cannot be worn, although some that are disqualified include solid black, mouse, liver, black and tan, black and white, and white with black. When we say “black,” we mean “black” with no brindle at all.

This last description is what causes a large number of individuals to refer to French Bulldogs as “Black,” and the fact that having black skin is a disqualifying trait is what causes breeders to furiously cry “BRINDLE!” They are not black; rather, they are BRINDLE!

It would seem that the colors Dark Brindle, Cream, Tiger Brindle, Brindle Pied, Fawn, Fawn Pied, and all other colors are the ones that are seen the most often in both the United States and Canada. Those individuals who are looking for puppies of less common colors should keep this in mind and be prepared to wait, maybe for a very long period.

I am currently seeking further photographs of the Frenchies named “Mouse” and “Blue.” Your contribution, along with any other information you provide, will be kept strictly secret, and if you choose, we may obscure the dog’s head.

Dark Brindle

Also known as “Seal Brindle” or “Black Brindle” – so dark it may appear black, but closer inspection will reveal at least a few lighter colored hairs.


Genetically, this is actually a type of fawn, minus the masking gene. Ranges from creamy white to deep gold.

Tiger Brindle

An even pattern of black and lighter colored stripes sometimes has a black mask. When the dog is mainly tan or red with black stripes, it is sometimes called Reverse Brindle.

Brindle Pied

Brindle markings on a predominantly white background. Dogs with a lot of brindle markings are said to be “heavily marked”. Dogs with many small freckles are said to be “ticked pieds”. A few tickings are common on most pieds.

Fawn Black Mask

A body-color that ranges from deep red to light tan, with a black masking pattern on the face.

Fawn Pied

Markings that range from lemony yellow to deep red, on white background. May
also have a black mask.


Disqualification in the AKC standard. Much argument over just what this color is exactly, but personally I think the dog shown is “Liver”. The dog has NO brindling, and is a uniform red-brown.

Black & Tan

Another disqualification. Very striking, though.

“Blue” Brindle

Where the “Brindle” markings on a normal brindle are tan or reddish-brown, the brindle markings on this dog have a decidedly “Blue” cast. The base coat color is also more of a grey tone than black, and the nose is a slate grey shade.


At first glance, this dog may seem fawn, but closer inspection reveals it is actually a pale shade of steely grey. Where the mask would normally be black it is instead a deep grey, as is the pigment in the nose. In the background, you can see a normally colored fawn. (In contrast, the dog is beside a normally colored fawn sibling) .

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