Original French Bulldog Standard & Show Quality

If you look at representatives of the breed we are describing today, which were originally bred in the Old World – Great Britain, it will be quite difficult for you to imagine dogs of more than medium size, and even on high legs. The more boldly they rushed into battle and shed blood for the amusement of the crowd, the more they were valued. It may seem strange, but the French Bulldog owes its modern appearance to the English Parliament, which, by decree of 1802, banned “pretty bull-baiting for the amusement of the crowd and for the sake of a bet,” and in 1859 banned dog fights with sweepstakes. In the same year, 1859, the “highest” decree was issued encouraging cynology, especially for the preservation and enhancement of domestic breeds.

And so, with such a positive, for dogs, the decision of the Government, the British, and they, as you know, have always been distinguished by law-abidingness and loyalty to traditions, set to work. It did not take long to wait, and very soon a source of pride and a model of courage appeared in almost all cities of the British Empire. In addition, for the owners of this breed of dogs, the very fact of ownership was considered good form, and the appearance of an attentive and unfussy pet on the promenade, tea party or race spoke of both the owner’s upbringing and his patriotism. Already by 1903, there were a huge number of breed clubs, where peers and lords, sirs and miladies, masons and weavers, steelworkers and milkmen with wives and children could enter through the same doors. It was unheard-of democratism for stiff England.

In 1901, in the territory of the English Empire, the first club of owners of French bulldogs was formed. In 1904, a special commission of a collegiate form of organization was founded, which was engaged in controlling the breeding of bulldogs, and in 1905 a club was formed in the form in which it exists to this day.

Thus, gradually, the breed – the French Bulldog, began to gain popularity in most countries around the world. So, in Germany in 1913, 300 pedigrees were issued for representatives of this breed. Walrmann brought the first bulldog to Austria in 1870. It was a light motley male, which crowds flocked to see in Vienna. Mr. Walrmann was probably the first owner of a French Bulldog to sew a coat for his pet.

Original French Bulldog Standard

The first club for the French Bulldog breed was established in 1880. in Paris, by lovers and breeders of the breed, who come together and start holding regular weekly meetings.

The first register of the breed dates back to 1885, and the first standard was established in 1898 when the SCC (the main organization of French breeders) recognized the French Bulldog as the official breed.
The standard of the breed at that time was quite different from the modern one. It was changed for the first time in 1931, and for the second time in 1948. and once again in 1986. by AF Rein and R. Trike (FCI publication 1987)

In 1994. The French Bulldog Club Committee, co-sponsored by R. Trike, transformed the breed standard again and it dates back to the present day.

*There are other researchers who believe that in 1901, in the territory of the English Empire, the first club of owners of French bulldogs was formed. In 1904, a special commission of a collegiate form of organization was founded, which was engaged in controlling the breeding of bulldogs.

French Bulldog Show Quality

There is evidence that in 1887. for the first time, there is a participation of “French” in a dog show. Until now, dogs with “bat” and “rose” ears have been shown, which in 1897 disappointed many exhibitors because an English judge chose “rose” earrings as the best representative of the breed.

Other historical data show that American breed lovers founded the first French Bulldog club in the world and it is they who insist on the standard that bat ears be considered correct. According to these data, the first participation of a dog of this breed was in a show at the Westminster Kennel Club in New York in 1896.

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