Professional French Bulldog Groomers

However, in order for them to remain in top condition, they do need some assistance from their owner. Just as we humans need to take care of our personal hygiene to keep us healthy, so do our dogs. Our dog can to some extent take care of itself by licking themselves and using their paws, however, in order for them to remain in top condition they do need some assistance from their owner.

The simple combing and brushing of your dog is easy to accomplish if they have short hair or coats; however, certain breeds are significantly more difficult than others to groom and take care of, which is where the assistance of a professional groomer might come in handy. In response to the question, “What Should You Look for in a Professional Groomer?,” the following is some sound guidance for pet owners who are interested in procuring the services of a groomer for their animal companion.

What Does Grooming Involve?

Grooming involves more than just running a brush through the hair of your dog, it also includes bathing your dog, cutting or trimming the claws, cutting away or shaving matted fur and cleaning away external parasites.

Why Should I Go To A Professional Groomer?

One very good reason is the time it takes to fully groom a dog with a long coat and the other is that a professional groomer will have all the tools needed to take care of a wide variety of coat lengths. They will also have the physical ability and will have the training required for some of the coats of the breeds such as the poodle which has their coat trimmed and groomed into a particular style.

A trained professional can also handle a frightened or nervous dog more easily than an owner who isn’t used to grooming. However the professional groomer isn’t there to take over your job of taking care of your pet but only to enhance this and provide full grooming treatment as needed.

How do I find a qualified professional groomer?

Checking with friends and family is always a good place to start and failing that your vet should be able to put you in touch with a groomer. Some groomers are registered and qualified to take care of various procedures of grooming, so it is wise to do a little background search if you can.

What to look for in a grooming parlour

* Does the facility look and smell clean.

* Is the facility well lit.

* Do the staff handle the dogs with care.

* Are the cages where the dogs are kept adequately sized for the dogs.

* Are the dogs monitored when they are blow dried to prevent over heating.

* Does the grooming parlour keep records of pets, for example contact numbers, vaccination record, health records.

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