Teaching Your French Bulldog Puppy Tips

Your French Bulldog is not born with this intrinsic good behavior; rather, it is something that must be taught to them, ideally beginning when they are still young. A well-behaved dog is the ideal friend and pet and is a joy to have. It is possible for the owner of the dog to learn how to teach obedience to their pet by attending classes or reading related material, or the owner may decide that they would rather seek the assistance and guidance of a qualified professional trainer instead.

When you finally bring your new puppy inside, he will usually be between 8 and 10 weeks old, which is the ideal period to begin training him because they are still easily impressionable. Because French Bulldogs are notorious for their obstinacy, it is essential that you establish an authoritative tone from the very beginning of your relationship with your pet. The following is a list of some of the most critical things you need to start teaching your new puppy as soon as possible:

The routine

It is very important to teach your new puppy how life will be in his new home, puppies like to feel safe and have some kind of routine to their day and now is a good time to start. Some of the things you should teach him are:

  • Where he will sleep.
  • Where to find his food and water.
  • When it is time to go to bed and get up.
  • Where he will go to the bathroom.
  • Where his toys are?

Once this is established your puppy will begin to form a bond with his master, he will find that you are dependable and can provide him with what he needs, and he will feel safe. You can then go on to teach others just as important things such as:

  • What the word “NO” means – this is a word that you will probably find yourself repeating very often in the beginning, however by repeating it every time your puppy does something wrong he should quickly learn what the word means.
  • Housetraining – this is the perfect age to start teaching your new puppy housetraining, you can introduce him to his bathroom and persist in taking him there every half hour, however, due to the young age it can take several months for his young bladder to grow strong enough to stop accidents from happening.
  • Being handled and groomed – your new puppy will be just like a young child always wanting to play and run around, however you should start a grooming regime at this young age to get into good habits. It is also wise to get your puppy used to being handled and picked up.
  • To be gentle – now is a good time to teach your puppy how to be gentle, for example when he is taking something from your hand or when he has something in his mouth you want to take from him. You should teach him not to bite, grab or hold onto anything tightly.

Are French Bulldogs Easy To Train?

The training or training of a French Bulldog is aimed at developing the natural abilities of your pet. A dog that is very well “bred” works cheerfully and considers work as play, because he understands that he gives pleasure to the owner, following his commands.

It’s probably no secret to anyone that dogs begin to imitate their owners, adopt their character traits, and everything else and vices. A snarling, poorly trained dog usually belongs to a rude, unrestrained person (although, we won’t be allowed to lie, it happens, so the dog is much more educated and much more correct than its owner). In a calm, obedient dog, the owner is a gentleman.

The potential of a dog is very large, it is also hidden in the possibilities of its brain, and it should be developed in such a way that friendship and mutual understanding between a person and his dog become deep and sincere.

The owner of the dog should, from an early age, educate the puppy in his conditioned reflex to the command “to me.” For example, you, walking with a dog for a walk, take a treat and, when the puppy runs 3-5 meters away from him, say the puppy’s nickname and the command “come to me!” At this command, the puppy must run up to the owner, run around him to the right and sit on the left leg. For the good execution of this command, a treat is given.

This command is due to the fact that for a very small puppy it seems the best and most pleasant thing in life: she needs to get closer to her beloved owner and get affection, encouragement and treats from him. This could also mean a short but fun game episode for her, etc.

Call your puppy by name, then give the command “come to me!” (only one of the terms should be used). If the puppy does not immediately obey, pat your leg. If that doesn’t help, pretend you’re running away. Make sure that the puppy cheerfully (with desire) runs up to you. Praise him for the executed command, give him a treat, stroke him. The sooner you teach your puppy this command, the better for both you and the dog. Never scold or hit a puppy if he doesn’t immediately run up to you! Such “clothing” for dogs already exists and it will not be difficult to find it. Of course, you can do without specialized stores, for example, the French, children’s sweaters with short sleeves are also well suited. But it should be remembered that this is not at all a suitable option when walking under wet snow, because. sweaters can get wet, which increases the likelihood of illness. Sometimes you can hear advice to wear a hat in winter for a dog. You just don’t need to do this, it’s still a dog, not a doll, you not only constrain it but also increase the risk of otitis, not to mention the fact that you can ruin the ears of a puppy with cartilage that has not yet hardened.

Why is dog obedience a necessity?

Many times it is not just the dog who needs training it is the owner too, a dog is always willing to learn and eager to please its master and this doesn’t just apply to puppies it also applies to older dogs too. The old saying you can’t teach an old dog a new trick is so wrong, any dog regardless of their age can learn it just makes it easier if you start teaching your dog at a young age. Training is not only essential for safety reasons but it will also help to form a bond between dog and master.

What to look for in a dog trainer?

The number one thing to look for in a trainer is that they teach obedience humanely, they should encourage your dog to respond by using techniques such as play, praise, food and attention to learning. Training techniques should never involve shaking the dog by the scruff of the neck, tugging on the lead, forcing the dog into submission or any other tactic that can frighten or inflict pain on your dog.

How do I find a suitable trainer?

It is always a good idea to ask around, you could ask friends, relatives, or your local vet for advice on suitable trainers or classes for obedience training. Important questions you should ask a trainer are how long they have been training obedience, where they learned the techniques they use and what techniques they actually do use for training.

What kind of class gets the best results?

In a group class, your dog will learn how to interact with other dogs as well as different handlers, self-help training, private lessons and dog-only lessons from which the owner is excluded miss out on this aspect. Another disadvantage to you not being involved is that your dog may perform well for the trainer but then not for you. Wherever possible all the members of the family should have a hand in the training of the dog as this will then help them to bond with their pet.

What to look for in a class group

  • A class that is limited to individual attention.
  • Separate classes for puppies and adult dogs.
  • Different levels of training for example beginners, intermediate, advanced.
  • Are the dogs and humans enjoying the training?
  • Is praise given frequently?
  • Is the information given on handling your dog, grooming and problem-solving?

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