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This site is for everyone whose heart beats for these little dogs. Find out everything you need to know about the French bulldog here and share your thoughts with other lovers and owners. You can find local French Bulldog clubs near you by clicking the link and see more cute faces from this blog about French Bulldog stamps.

General Characteristics of the French Bulldog

The Frenchie is a little dog that is short-coated, compact, and weighs roughly 11 kilograms. French bulldogs may be very stubborn, particularly as they get older, so it is important to start teaching them at a young age. The French bulldog is recognized for its comedic expressions on its face as well as its heavy or noisy breathing due to the squatness of its face and nose. The French bulldog has an expected lifespan of between 9 and 15 years. You can learn more about the current breed standard and original breed standard.

A Brief History of the French bulldog

Contrary to its name some suggest that the French bulldog is actually of Spanish origin where it was traditionally used as a bull-baiting dog. In the 1860s these dogs were then transported to France and were thought to have been crossed with the French terrier, this lead to the French bulldog which we know today. It is thought to have first appeared in Britain around 1893 with the earlier breed being called the toy bulldog. The breed is loved by many celebrities and royal families throughout history.

French Bulldog Temperament

How is it to live with a French Bulldog? The French bulldog is a very affectionate breed that can be jealous when they aren’t receiving all your attention, it is also wise not to leave the breed alone for long periods as they can be destructive if left to their own devices.

Their level of aggression is low and it isn’t a breed that is prone to barking constantly, they are a breed that is sociable. They will get along with children and other animals well and thrive on human companionship and being a part of family life. There is a lot that we can learn from our dogs.

Raising French Bulldog Puppies

Is your home prepared for the new puppy? Do you know how to house train your French Bulldog? Have you checked the FAQs session for your baby Frenchie?

Your new French Bulldog puppy’s parents and genes will play a significant role in how your puppy will develop into an adult dog; you, as the owner, will, of course, be able to affect this result. They may be quite obstinate, especially as they become older, and dog training should begin at a young age.

Care Instructions for French Bulldogs

In return for loving care, secure housing, clean water, and a healthy diet(Do you know BARF diet?), your dog will provide you with many years of love, companionship, and devotion.

To keep your Frenchies healthy, avoid any forced jumping activities when your French bulldog is young, such as enabling your puppy to leap up onto the bed and back down from it, forced jumping, or jumping up and down the stairs.

Learn to take care of it from heat stroke recovery in summer as it is a high-risk danger for Frenchies because of their shorter breathing system. Buy it a winter coat when it is cold because of its short hair.

Weight can be another problem for the frenchie and this should be monitored constantly as it can lead to serious breathing difficulties, heart problems and back problems in the breed. They have a medium energy level needing on average around 20 minutes of exercise daily.

Get educated about common dog spaying & neutering myths. Be ready to take action if your dog is lost.

Get even more French Bulldog owner tips here, and make sure to choose the best vet for your Frenchie.

Bookmark this French Bulldog resource list for future use.

Grooming Tips for French Bulldogs

Just as we humans need personal hygiene to be healthy, so do our dogs. Our dogs can take care of themselves to some level by cleaning themselves and using their paws, but they do require some assistance from their owner to stay in peak form, you can also hire a professional groomer to do the tasks.

It is a breed that is particularly easy to groom and one which doesn’t shed as much as other breeds, though special attention should be paid to the wrinkles around the face which do need to be kept clean.

French Bulldog Show Characteristics

The French bulldog has a square, squat, large head with a broad deep short muzzle, the head between the ears and face should be flat and wrinkled. The bottom jaw should be turned up and slightly undershot; the eyes should be round, deep-set and dark in color. The ears should be high set and of medium size, they should be broad and always held erect.

The ears have often been described as bat ears. The neck should be thick, powerful and well arched with plenty of loose skin at the throat. The chest should be deep with a short body while being wide at the front and narrow towards the back. The front legs should be straight, short, muscular and strong and should be set wide.

The back legs should be muscular, strong and slightly longer than the front legs. The feet should be well-knuckled, strong and compact, with the back feet being longer than the front ones.

When you look back at some of the original French bulldogs, one feature stands out right away: the length of their tails. The tail should be short but not docked and set low.

The coat should be short, smooth and fine. The most favorable colors for the breed are fawn, brindle, pied and solid black.

Tips for Purchasing French Bulldogs

First, make sure this is the right breed for you.

Then, decide Male vs. Bitch Puppy.

Third, do you want pure breed or mixed breed?

If you want to exhibit your French bulldog, you will have purchased the puppy from a respected breeder who has worked hard to produce show dogs and whose babies are descended from winning show dogs. There are even health tests to be taken, however, make sure you learn the myths first. You may also be interested in French Bulldog pedigrees registration if you are serious about breeding.

Click here to learn how to determine price of French Bulldogs. Make sure you properly investigate the breed before purchasing a puppy or dog; never make an impulsive purchase and buy the first puppy you discover from the first breeder you locate.

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