Original French Bulldog vs Now (History & Origin)

Theories about the exact origin of the French Bulldog abound. The most common is that in the mid-19th century, Norman tailors from England took smaller bulldogs with them while looking for work in France. In farming societies in northern France, where tailors settled, little bulldogs became very popular for their ability to hunt mice and be loyal family companions. Their population began to grow. These little bulldogs were actually scrapped by hardened bulldog breeders in England, who were more than happy to sell these underdeveloped specimens to fans of the new breed in England. This was especially true for puppies with tulip-like ears that appeared from time to time in bulldog litters. The French Bulldogs were originally bred as mousetraps, but are now bred mainly as pet and companion dogs. On April 29, 1899, Country Life magazine published the following article:

About 35 years ago (around 1865), small or light bulldogs became so prevalent in the country that dogs weighing more than 28 pounds (~ 14 kg) were not encouraged at shows like the one in Birmingham, which in the same period was one of the most important of its kind in England. Then, due to some strange fashion hysteria, the Toy Bulldog became an absolute mania in Paris, as a result of which the prominent Bill George of Canine Castle, Kensal New Town, the most famous dog dealer of his time and in history, received a card. a blanche for action from French customers who wanted to get the little bulldogs, which led to the fact that England was deprived of its best specimens.

French Bulldog around 1915

The new little bulldogs were gaining popularity in France and became the most popular among Parisians. One of the reasons was that when these exotic-looking dogs were walking, they invariably attracted the attention of their owners and gave a legitimate reason to talk to potential customers. Also, the susceptible breed was happy to take a nap in hotel rooms without making much noise. Breed historians still display well-known French postcards containing scantily clad French prostitutes posing with their Bouledogues Français. The aura of celebrity that the dog gave to its owner made them a modern way for the well-to-do class to show off how daring and adventurous it can be. It was not long before the French Bulldogs became the most popular among the artistic strata of Europe.

Photos dating back to this time show the Russian royal family posing with their French bulldogs imported from France. Other famous lovers include Toulouse-Lautrec, the author Collete and King Edward VII. Onboard the ill-fated Titanic was a French bulldog insured for an astronomical sum of $ 750.

It is undeniable that without the influence of dedicated American lovers, the breed would not be what we know today. They are the ones who organized the first club of the French Bulldog breed in the world, and they were also the ones who insisted that the bat ears associated with the breed were correct. Until then, French Bulldogs were shown in both varieties with bat ears and a rose ear.

After all, the French Bulldog is an international breed, with breeders in many nations who are responsible for creating the dogs we know today.

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